At a Glance

Sanford Region
Anchored by the historic City of Sanford, the region is comprised of seven adjacent communities strategically located in the center of Maine’s fastest growing county. Sanford is located at the geographic center of New England, enjoys easy access to Maine’s largest city, Portland and is only 90 minutes from downtown Boston. See Location Section


Economic Development

The City of Sanford is the core of the Sanford Region and is a principal service center for many of the surrounding communities. Sanford is certified “Business Friendly” and promotes a policy of sensible growth, with a balance of sensitivity to community traditions and a longstanding commitment to the environment.

The Sanford Regional Economic Growth Council (SREGC) is the organization chartered to promote business growth and enhance the business environment. The SRECG is the region’s “go to” organization, ready to assist you in making your expansion project happen or simply to connect and interact with state and local incentive programs and organizations. See Business Resources


Maine’s workforce has a well-deserved reputation for productivity and stability. Just as important is the availability of large regional labor markets. Sanford is part of the Portland labor market, Maine’s largest, and is adjacent to New Hampshire’s second largest labor market in Strafford County (Rochester, Dover, Somersworth) and the eastern portion of Rockingham County around Portsmouth. Surprising to some is the fact that within a predictable 45 minute drive there are over 250,000 workers who are employed across the entire economic spectrum, including IDEXX Laboratories, Pratt & Whitney, UNUM, General Dynamics, and a host of small to medium technology driven, growth companies. See Leading Regional Employers

The Sanford Region currently is a net exporter of jobs, i.e. the legacy of plant closings has compelled many of its Sanford’s residents to seek employment outside the region, which when coupled with a higher than average unemployment rate adds to labor availability. Moreover, New Englanders in general, and Mainers in particular, represent a labor force stability unheard in other regions. Devotion to family and the region's superb quality of life are powerful forces that keep the labor force stable and ensure a high productivity. See Workforce Section


Available Properties

  • Existing buildings, build to suit
  • Availability of class A, class B, and flex office space
  • Established Industries: manufacturing, biotech, business processes
  • Wide Range of sites: green fields, industrial, business parks, downtown, village, mill
  • Emerging retail market, many locations
  • Straightforward approval process

Be sure to use the Sanford Prospector to power your site selection process. The Sanford Prospector combines an easy-to-use interface with sophisticated GIS software. All available properties are searchable and shown on a dynamic Google map. Detailed property and demographic reports for any selected property, or specified location in the Sanford Region can be instantly generated.

Quality of Life

Quality of life has many measures and most communities have a lot to say about it. Moreover, the relative importance that employers place on quality of life varies markedly. Even so, any employer or business interest looking to grow or locate within the Sanford Region needs to know that we are “Quintessentially Maine”, a region with a rich history and deep roots that reach to the depths of the underlying granite that so characterizes our people.  Moreover:


  • Our uncongested, attractive communities have good schools that get better ever year.
  • You can “get there from here” safely, predictably.
  • We live so close to much of what attracts millions of visitors to Maine and New England each year.
  • Most of us are Red Sox fans, but more importantly we enjoy the company of any true baseball fan with whom we hope to make lasting friendships.
  • We are proud of our community, our civic-minded neighbors, our schools and our spirit.
  • We live in Sanford, Maine and enjoy the best of many worlds. We experience life the way it should be.