Doing Business in Sanford - Overview

Location, workforce, quality of life are important determinants to business location decisions. No less important is the business climate. We believe you’ll discover an impressive set of resources, incentives, community infrastructure and a pro-business orientation.

 As the Service Center community for most of the region, the City of Sanford demonstrates a continuing commitment toward facilitating and streamlining the establishment of new businesses and the support of established ones.

There is no more “Business Friendly” community in Maine. Backed by a track record of results and a strong bias for action, our pro-business philosophy can trace its roots to the flourishing “mill economy" of the previous century. Subsequent to the collapse of New England’s textile mills, Sanford’s business tenacity was sustained further during a period of re-industrialization beginning in the 1960’s, and continues with a forward-thinking master plan now underway that includes the following elements:

  1. Expansion of the large industrial area adjacent to the Sanford Seacoast Regional Airport, an aviation gem, with enormous capacity to serve as the hub of the region’s commercial activity.
  2. Further development of the retail zone contiguous to the Airport and extending to the current retail concentration in South Sanford. This dynamic retail “axis” is anchored on the southern end by the recently completed WalMart and Lowes project.
  3. A comprehensive plan to develop the former mill area,. This complex that once employed over 3,500 employees has received over $5,000,000 in investments from a variety of public and private sources. Its renewal, albeit on a much smaller scale, is aligned with the needs and character of the community and  is in the early stages of a plan that will evolve to become a high-profile area for commercial growth and vitality.
  4. In additon  to the mill project is the ongoing city center re-vitalization. As a designated "Main Street Community" Sanford's Downtown Legacy hopes to link the City's traditional New England downtown to its unique waterfront.
  5. A  key element of the Master Plan has been the creation and of a new economic development organization, The Sanford Regional Economic Growth Council (SREGC), a collaboration of the City of Sanford, the Chamber of Commerce and the Industrial Development Corporation. This evolving organization will be involved deeply with all economic development initiatives in the region.
  6. Focused and pro-active business attraction marketing and business support programs.

 Forward for Business
“Business-Friendly” does nor equate to unbridled development and insensitivity to community tradition and character. Our planning process is led by a competent, flexible group of experienced citizens whose mission is to provide  a straigthforward aproach to  the planning/approval process, and one  that balances the needs of  both  business development and  the community.  Many businesses that have chosen Sanford consider  its planning and economic development team as their partners, professionals  who address obstacles, offer creative solutions and serve as catalysts for action and “deal flow”, all performed with energy, commitment and integrity.

Sanford is truly “Open for Business”.

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