Programs and Incentives

Sanford and its Maine partners offers a comprehensive set of financial incentives and support programs to mitigate relocation costs and facilitate investments that promote job growth. Each program has a specific focus and may either be applicable to most businesses or may target certain industries, company size or stage of business development e.g. startup, small business, established company, etc. The number of programs is extensive. The following directory will link to descriptive information for each program with further links to the organization responsible for program management.

  • Pine Tree Development Zone (PTZ)
  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
  • Employment Tax Increment Financing (ETIF)
  • Jobs and Investment Tax Credit
  • Business Equipment Tax Exemption
  • Research Expense Tax Credit
  • R & D Super Credit
  • High Technology Investment Tax Credit
  • Sales Tax Exemptions


Direct Grants  more...
  • The CDBG Economic Development Program (EDP)
  • Maine Technology Institute (MTI) Seed Grants
  • Maine Technology Institute Development Awards
  • Maine Technology Institute Cluster Initiative Program
Direct Loans (cont)  more...
  • Regional Econ. Development Revolving Loan
  • Kim Wallace Adaptive Equipment Loan
  • Intermediary Re-lending Program
  • Oil Storage Facility and Tank Replacement
Commercial Bonds  more...
  • Major Business Expansion Bond
  • Revenue Obligations Security Program
  • Municipal Securities Approval Program
  • Secondary Market Taxable & Non Taxable Bond
Direct Loans  more...
  • CDBG Development Fund
  • Economic Recovery Loan Program
  • Energy Conservation Loan Program
Credit Enhancements  more...
  • Loan Insurance Program
  • Linked Investment for Commercial Enterprises
Equity Financing  more...
  • Maine Economic Development Venture Capital Revolving Investment Program
  • Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit Program:
  • Small Enterprise Growth Fund (SEGF)
  • Maine Investment Exchange (MIX)


Technical Assistance Programs  more...
  • Maine International Trade Center (MITC)
  • Maine Procurement Technical Assistance Center (Maine PTAC)
  • Business Answers
  • Maine Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Maine MEP)
  • Maine Small Business Development Centers (Maine SBDC)