Quality of Life - Overview

The Sanford region has a remarkable quality of life. Living here feels easy – and it is. Here's why people come here to visit and then never leave.

  • Sanford combines country-living with suburban convenience. Although good-sized, the city is well laid out, its streets lined with big shade trees, with comfortable houses nestled into big yards. For those who seek country living, farms and apple orchards are within minutes of downtown. Many residents are fortunate to have lakefront homes on Curtis Lake, Sand Pond, Estes Lake and Bauneg Beg Pond, all within the city's borders. Traffic flows easily, as there are many alternate routes around town. Coastal communities are less than a half hour away.

  • Nature is always nearby. Walk downhill from Main Street, and there before you is the city's beautiful Number One Pond, (which is actually part of the Mousam River, dammed for use by the former textile mills in the late 1800s). Today the tranquil pond is visited often by families and people out for a walk, a jog, a quick kayak trip or a cup of coffee and a chat on one of the pond's benches.

  • Services. You can get what you need in Sanford. In a rural state such as Maine, that is not always the case. Sanford offers it residents just about anything they need, including personal, business and health services. The Sanford-Springvale Chamber of Commerce boasts over 350 members. If you can't find what you need, it's a short drive to urban areas such as Portland or Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

  • Climate. Southern Maine's climate is what New England is all about.
    A fabulous four-season climate means skiing, boating, hiking, gardening and golfing are all possible.