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Custom demographic and economic reports  can be generated for areas defined by specified distances (radii, miles) or drive time zones, (minutes) from buildings and sites that are selected from  our property database. Just   select a building (many buildings are pre-searched and listed  in the initial screen)  or site (do a site search first)  and click the links to the various reports available.  Even if you are not searching for properties you should be able to find a building/site that is very close to the center of your search area. Please note the following:

  1. In the near future the Sanford Prospector will allow the user to select any location (exclusive of buildings or sites) and generate any available report from that lcoation.
  2. The maximum area for report generation is 60 miles (all reports) from the selected property and 60 minutes for drive time zones.
  3. The default  area for Workforce, Demographic and Consumer Spending  reports is for a 10 mile radius surrounding the selected property.  You may modify the search area thereafter by pressing the "Modify Search" button and inputting the desired distance or drive time. 
  4. Workforce areas can be generated for either Radii or Drive Time areas. 
  5. Demographic, Consumer Spending and Business Reports may only be generated by radii selection. Inputting drive times will give the same result as a corresponding distance search.
  6. Business Report has a default of one mile.
  7. The Business database is updated at least twice per year but takes several cyles to purge businesses that no longer exist, have moved, changed their name, etc.  In addition, the database captures all businesses listed or registered from a variety of sources, including many sole-proprietorships whether full-time or part-time.  Of particular note is that divisions of large corporations with headquarters in other states may not be captured in this database.  Pratt & Whiney a division of UAL in CT but within a major facility in North Berwick is an example.  While these instances are uncommon they should be recognized.  Moreover, even though the data mining technology used to generate the database and reports is impressive, these reports are macro in scale and are used as such.  For information on any particular business cross-reference  to a Local Business Directory is recommended.
  8. With regard to Workforce and Demographic reports, please note that areas generated by distance and  and drive time zones capture the full information content of each US Census tract touched by the zone boundaries and are generally but predicatbly higher than information content derived by manual means.