Sanford Trails System

July 1, 2015

Did you know there are three trail systems that run through the heart of Sanford and Springvale?

The Mousam Way trail is a pathway that goes through woodlands, streets, parkland and back again through the heart of Sanford and Springvale. It follows the general course of the Mousam River through town. Motorized vehicles are prohibited from using the Mousam Way Trails System.

Urban Walks are pedestrian routes along the streets of Sanford and Springvale. Historical points of interest are marked along the way with signs explaining the history of each site.

The Rail Trail is a multi-use trail built on the old rail bed that passed through Sanford and Springvale. It is used by hikers, bicyclists, walker, joggers, cross country skiers, and horses. Responsible use of both ATV’s and Snowmobiles is allowed on the Rail Trail. Street vehicles are prohibited on all Sanford Trails.

View Full Trail maps Below:

Sanford Trails Brochure

Overview of Trail System