"Shift Your Shopping" - a New Take on Holiday Marketing for Small Town Businesses

November 23, 2015

What if, this holiday season, instead of each small business marketing its own products with its own advertising, all of the small businesses joined together and used the same marketing theme to help market the community and get people to shop locally?  "Shift Your Shopping" is a great idea on the SmallBiz Survival website.  The website is running a timely series of articles on how to run a "Shift Your Shopping" campaign this holiday season.

Here are the installments:

Holiday Marketing 2015 - Picking Your Holiday Marketing Theme

Holiday Marketing 2015 - Set Your Cover Photos

Holiday Marketing 2015 - Spotlight a Local Business

Holiday Marketing 2015: Spotlight on Community

Holiday Marketing 2015: Share the Causes You Care About

Holiday Marketing 2015: Support Your Service Providers

Holiday Marketing 2015: Small Business Saturday

Holiday Marketing 2016: Tell your Founding Story

Holiday Marketing 2015: Tell Your Customers' Stories

For more information on Shift Your Shopping and for other useful articles, visit the SmallBiz Survival website.