New Video Highlights Sanford as a Destination for Visitors

August 31, 2016

The Maine Tourism Marketing Partnership Program (MTMPP) was developed at the State level in part to provide marketing funding for targeted tourism marketing efforts within the State of Maine. The Maine Beaches Association (MBA) used MTMPP 2013 funds to contract with Joe Genender of At Your Service Video Production, to develop a series of fifteen (15) short videos, including one for each MBA chamber and growth council, as well as the following regional attractions: Shopping, Dining, Beaches, Recreation, Arts & Culture, Family Fun, Lodging/Camping and Lighthouses. Videos are being developed using a combination of existing and new footage and will include a variety of voice-over, text and music.

The video developed for the Sanford Regional Economic Growth Council is now complete. We presented a draft version to the City Council as part of our quarterly report earlier this month and have since received positive feedback about the good first impressions it makes of Sanford.

View the Sanford Video above or click here.