Public Information Meeting and Straw Poll on Sanford Elementary School Construction Project November 29

November 28, 2016

Sanford and Springvale residents were invited to attend a public information meeting on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at 7:00 pm at Sanford Junior High School regarding Sanford’s K-8 Elementary School Construction Project. A straw poll to gauge support for the proposed project was held and the project received unanimous support from attendees.

Sanford has received approval from the Maine Department of Education for additional state funding to cover the cost of renovating and expanding its elementary schools and for renovating and reusing the current Sanford High School facility as a new grade 5-8 middle school. A straw poll indicating initial public support for the project is a required step by the Maine Department of Education. A second straw poll will be held later this spring once the final concept for the project is complete. A formal public referendum for final project acceptance is tentatively scheduled for June 2017.

According to Sanford School Superintendent David Theoharides, State funding of this project will allow the school district to: 

Create three Pre-K to grade 4 elementary schools with equitable facilities and program offerings

Construct an addition to Margaret Chase Smith School and update the facility to increase student capacity and improve classrooms and outdoor areas

Renovate and update Sanford Junior High School to become a central elementary school to accommodate Pre-K to grade 4 students

Create a new middle school to house all grade 5-8 students by reusing and renovating the current Sanford High School facility

Reduce operations and maintenance costs by consolidating programs and closing two older elementary schools

Increase safety and security by eliminating all modular classrooms city-wide

Provide space for future growth and building expansion 

All Sanford and Springvale residents are urged to attend informational meetings as they occur to learn more about the School Committee’s vision for elementary education and to participate in the process. Those unable to attend are invited to contact the Superintendent’s Office at (207) 324 2810 or review the School Construction page on the school department’s website for more information on the proposed project.