Expand a Business

The Sanford Regional Economic Growth Council wants your business to grow and thrive. Here is a summary of what we can do to assist you:

  • We have extensive expertise. While our staff is modest in size, we have extensive technical and marketing expertise in several key business areas, such as life sciences, medical devices, specialty manufacturing, information technology and engineered materials.
  • We have a comprehensive array of fnancial assistance programs and incentives designed to help you grow (more...)
  • We can connect you.  We are a partner to  Maine’s considerable expertise and entities involved in business expansion and development.(more...)
  • We have an ample supply of property, and the supportive information to fit your needs. Tailored real estate information, market data, current demographic and economic information is a click away at our Sanford Prospector, and we can provide additional supporting information at a moments notice.
  • We are you partner throughout. We not only can help you identify government and other allied organizations, but also we will guide you step by step through the process that brings the results that you want.
  • For early-stage companies, the Maine Investment Exchange (MIX) program managed by the State’s premier business attraction organization, Maine & CO (Maineco.org) not only can assist the entrepreneur and/or early stage company in securing critical financing, MIX also enhances the state of Maine’s visibility as a location for entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. Given the Sanford Region’s strategic location and access to large labor markets, we expect to gain a fair share of clients who receive private equity funding through the MIX process.
  • The Growth Council can coach businesses and give constructive feedback on your business plan.
  • Our communications and marketing network experts will be happy to facilitate press opportunities for your business, as well as conduct a basic audit of your marketing plan.