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Sanford Collage

Sanford has all the elements of a true New England community. It's a place where people settled hundreds of years ago and then stayed for generations. Yet Sanford is a dynamic city within a thriving Maine region that not only respects the past – it has also positioned itself to invite positive change and growth.
Sanford’s historic downtown is both the heart of the community and an emerging engine of the economic growth.

Downtown looks much the same as it did a century ago: architecturally significant buildings, a walkable Main Street, shade trees and parks, the Mousam River waterfront, and massive brick textile mills that gave the city its original identity. More  on Sanford Downtown Development.    

Sanford occupies a strategic location at the geographic center of New England and the center of population in York County, Maine’s fastest growing region.  It also has the good fortune to be just minutes away from vibrant coastal towns such as Kennebunk and Wells, country towns nestled in the Lake’s Region and foothills of the White Mountains, and it's just 45 minutes from Maine's largest city, the historic seaport of Portland. Portland is Maine's cultural, creative and economic heart and rivals Boston when it comes to resources. (Boston itself is only 90 minutes away.)

Sanford also has many amenities not found in typical small Maine communities.  The city, with a healthy population of 21,000 +, is known for its schools, its hospital, a municipal  airport (frequently used by the former Presidents), a summer collegiate baseball  team and jewel of a ballpark, retail centers and its proximity to colleges, including the nationally-esteemed University of New England.

The city attracts businesses and residents who appreciate its low cost of living, its incredible access to natural resources and the sense of history that is essential to its character. What also draws people here? There's a palpable energy in Sanford, created by those who live and work here, and who know that this is a great place to work and live.

It's all here.

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