Location Overview

Sanford is located in the center of Maine's southernmost county, conveniently located in the greater Portland area and within a 90 minute drive to much of the Boston metropolitan area.

Center of New England

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Sanford is strategically located at the geographic center of New England with good access to New York and Canada.

Portland, Boston Accessibility

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Sanford is readily accessible to Portland to the North, Maine's fabulous coastline, 20 minutes away to the east, southeastern New Hampshire's population centers to the immediate south, and a bit further south, the greater Boston metropolitan area.

Regional Economy

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The Sanford Region comprises Sanford/Springvale Maine and the adjacent towns of Wells, Acton, Kennebunk, Alfred, North Berwick, Lebanon and Shapleigh. This defined area reflects the status of the City of Sanford as a regional service center to many of the surrounding towns that border Sanford proper.

Multi-State Labor Force

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The combined York, Cumberland and Stratford (NH) county labor markets and a location convenient to much of New England's recreational and cultural attractions make the Sanford Region the logical choice to grow a business and enjoy a better way of life.