The Sanford Region's' rural character, good road system, historical commitment to "getting there from here", close distance to 1-95 and successful efforts to avoid "sprawl", all have made commuting an easy and predictable daily routine. By and large a 20 mile drive takes 25-30 minutes using our regional highways and not much more than 20 minutes if the commuting route uses the Maine Turnpike. In the winter, where an even modest snowfall may cause chaos to the Boston area, our roads remain clear and safe, the occasional blizzard notwithstanding. The following maps give average drive times calculated from the Sanford Airport. For drive times from a specific point in the Region be sure to visit the "Sanford Prospector", our powerful GIS site selection tool. In addition to detailed property information, the Sanford Prospector provides important demographic and workforce reports for areas contained within  selectable   drive times or radii from any property contained in our comprehensive data base.


Approximate Drive Time from Sanford Airport