The Sanford Region has the energy resources and delivery capacity to power growth for decades to come.

Electric utility deregulation and the availability of natural gas build upon Maine’s competitive advantages in the energy arena.

The restructuring of the electric utility industry allows Maine businesses to negotiate their own terms and rates with a number of energy providers further generating a competitive market for electricity supply, which has lowered rates, especially for larger commercial and industrial consumers.

New natural gas pipelines has further expanded Maine’s electricity generating capacity, while increasing choice among electrical consumers and stimulating competition among energy providers. Five new natural gas-fired electrical power plants with a generating capacity of 1,600 MW have been constructed and more than 25 additional municipalities in are now connected to the natural gas network.

Maine is also fortunate to have plentiful water supplies, with many basins and sources to draw from, including Sanford’s Mousam River, a modest but reliable stream that is expected to make a significant contribution to Southern Maine’s emerging alternative energy initiative.

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