Sanford Maine Implements New Customer Service Initiative

January 14, 2014

SANFORD, MAINE –  City Manager Steve Buck held several meetings with local companies in 2013 and in response to feedback, the City of Sanford is instituting a new customer service initiative.  Starting this month, business customers who visit City departments will be asked to fill out either postage pre-paid cards or an on-line survey in order to give feedback on the process and services they use in the four key City departments that interact with business development projects - Codes, Engineering, Fire Marshal and Planning.  Visitors to Sanford Regional Economic Growth Council will also be asked to participate.

Mr. Buck said, "This initiative is in direct response to the views expressed by business owners and residents. Administration recognizes the need to provide for immediate feedback on services rendered as a means of improving delivery. We are seeking constructive feedback to provide better customer service to our clients: the residents and businesses of Sanford-Springvale."

In order to help establish a baseline against which future performance can be measured, businesses who used Sanford services in 2013 are being asked to fill out an on-line survey about their experiences.  The 2013 survey is available here. The 2014 surveys will be available on the desks of each of the aforementioned departments and the Growth Council.  A link to the electronic survey will be on the survey cards.

Shawn Moody, President of Moody’s Collision Centers, was a key supporter in the development of this initiative.  He said, “I’m really excited about implementing this concept into the public sector and applaud the City of Sanford’s efforts to do so.  We're excited to think we may be able to mine some really valuable feedback here and I wouldn't be surprised if other municipalities followed Sanford’s example.  I'm particularly grateful for the role the Growth Council played to make this happen."

Sanford was one of the first communities in Maine to be designated as Business Friendly, and the push from within to constantly improve and enhance this status has progressed well.  Growth Council director Jim Nimon said, "We listened to businesses and want to improve customer service to them. We won't rest until we have companies bragging about the great attitudes and unparalleled service from the City and the Growth Council."