Sanford School Construction Project Gets Voter Approval - Next Steps Detailed

January 28, 2015

On January 13th, Sanford residents voted overwhelmingly to support the construction of a new high school and technical center. Voters approved referendum Question 1 on the base package with a 77% approval rating. On Question 2, the supplemental package, voters approved the referendum with a 69% approval rating. There were 3002 votes cast. 

Sanford School Superintendent David Theoharides outlined the next steps in the construction process this week in his weekly update:

"Last week, the Building Committee held their first meeting since the passage of the referendum on January 13th. The committee reflected on the many people who made a difference in the successful vote, noting in particular the efforts of the Build Our Future community group. The meeting agenda included a presentation by Project Manager Lance Whitehead of Lavallee-Brensinger Architects outlining the next steps in the construction project.

Three critical phases will occur over the the next twelve months: Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Document.

In the Schematic Design Phase, the concept of building will be set including the exterior look and skin of the building, structural frame, rooms in right location and size. A mechanical narrative regarding heating and cooling will be established. There will be opportunities to meet with departments to review room layout and design. This phase will be completed by March 2015.

In the Design Development Phase, the details of each room will be determined: what will be in each room, how many whiteboards, desks, sinks, outlets, etc. This should be complete by July 2015.

In the Construction Documentation Phase the final engineering will be completed based on the work done in schematic design and design development. It is anticipated that by this fall all drawings of the building will be refined, with all design work completed by December 2015 in preparation to go to bid in January 2016.

Bid Opening is likely to happen in March 2016, with an anticipated construction start date of April 2016. The construction should take 30 months."

For more information and updates on the new school project, visit the School Construction Update page on the School District's website.