State Board of Education Unanimously Approves New Sanford High School

February 11, 2016

In the final hurdle before the project could begin its construction phase, the Maine State Board of Education has unanimously approved the budget and design of Sanford's new integrated high school and technical center. Members of the Core Building Committee (CBC), made up of representatives from the School District, City, Growth Council and the community, traveled to Augusta on February 10th to attend the meeting.

The project was approved by local voters in January 2015 and has been working its way through the various steps necessary to meet with State approval. Having won final approval, the project went out to bid on February 11th. Eight contractors have been pre-approved to bid. Bids will be opened March 23rd and construction is expected to begin in June.

The project, which will cost an estimated $103 Million, will be the most expensive school construction project in Maine. The State will fund $92 Million of the cost. When complete, the new building will be over 300,000 square feet and will house an integrated high school and technical center with capacity to teach over 1000 high school students and over 800 career and technical students. The school is scheduled to open in 2018.

In photo at left (courtesy of Anne-Marie Mastraccio): Members of the Sanford Core Building Committee (CBC) smile along with State officials after Sanford's school construction project has been approved.

The CBC includes Maura Herlihy, Jim Nimon, Gwen Bedell, Anne-Marie Mastraccio, Kendra Williams, David Theoharides, Steve Buck, Scott Sheppard, Marguerite Herlihy, Marianne Sylvain and Kathy Sargent, as well as Lance Whitehead from Levalle Brensinger Architects.

For more information on Sanford's school construction project, visit the Sanford School Department's School Construction News page.