Resource Hub for Homeless in Sanford

September 4, 2019

Sanford Resource Hub: Page 1

A Coordinated Community Response to Homelessness

City Administration has established a Task Force to make Homelessness a priority and start to identify solutions. A Team within the Sanford Police Department has been identified and assigned; City Administration has been meeting individually with various resource and service providers at the local, regional and State levels.

As part of a coordinated response to address this issue, a temporary Resource Hub is being established on the property of York County Community Action Coalition (YCCAC) near to where approximately 20 people are currently encamped. The goal of the hub is to establish a link with individuals who have multiple needs and to connect them to available resources.

The Resource Hub will be based in two tents adjacent to High Street and will be open starting September 6, 2019 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8 AM to 10 AM.

The Hub will be staffed by York County Shelter’s Navigator/Intake worker, two triage staff from Nasson Health Care, and an Outreach Worker from YCCAC.

A Location Coordinator has been appointed and will screen visitors regarding whether they have current access to health care. Those visitors with access to care, and who have no

existing untreated health issues, will be directed to meet with a Navigator/Outreach Worker who can determine their eligibility and interest in available housing options, including emergency shelter, as well as other essential resources.

Individuals with no connection to a health care provider, or who have immediate health care needs, will be screened by the staff from Nasson Health Care and, if interested, can be offered an immediate appointment to see a medical or dental provider.

Information on Substance Use Disorder treatment options and resources will be made available to all visitors.

The Outreach Workers/Navigators will collect and maintain a list of all resources available with current contact information.

Health and social service organizations can provide information about their resources, eligibility guidelines, and contact/application information and the staff at the Hub will make sure this information is available to visitors. 

Community members who want to help may make monetary contributions, which can help with immediate needs and eventually help folks establish stable housing. Details on how to contribute are on page 2. 

Donations of food, household goods, and visiting the homeless are discouraged. For questions on contributions, please see page 2.