Eco Baby Boutique

The Growth Council sat down with Stacie Ericson, owner of Eco Baby Boutique in downtown Sanford to learn more about her eco-friendly baby-centric shop.

GC: How long have you been in business?

EBB: The business started in August 2013 out of our home with cloth diapers and a couple other small products. We turned our little den into a boutique and people would come and purchase from there. We just recently opened a retail storefront in Sanford in February, located at 906 Suite B Main Street, Sanford.

GC: What motivated you to open Eco Baby?

EBB: When I had my fourth child, Mia, I started to cloth diaper her when she was four months old. When I started doing that, I became more educated on it and really excited about it. I was quite upset that I hadn’t done it with my other three children so I decided that everybody needed to know about cloth diapers. I researched and researched for two or three months and I came to the conclusion that I would open the boutique. I wanted everybody else to know how good it was for the environment and how easy it was. I wanted everybody else to fall in love with it as I did.

GC: Why did you choose to set up shop in Sanford?

EBB: I chose to set up shop here in Sanford because we live in Acton, only 10 to 15 minutes away, and our children go to the Sanford schools. We have been involved in the community since my teenagers were five years old, as they have always done soccer here. Even though we live in Acton we feel a part of the Sanford community. We also feel it’s a hub for all the other towns. We have a lot of people from Berwick come in. We even have people come from Portland and New Hampshire.

GC: Can you give a short description of your products and services?

EBB: The products here include several different brands of cloth diapers. We also do one-on-one teaching with anybody who comes in and wants to learn more about cloth diapering. We have a lot of eco-friendly and all natural products for the body and the face, for adults and children. Now that we have the retail location we want to bring more adults and older children into the shop. Eco Baby also has a consignment piece where we work with local crafters to bring their products in to sell in our shop. We like to work closely with other small businesses. 

GC: You carry a lot of locally produced products.  Can you tell us about how you go about sourcing these products and connecting with the people who make them?  

EBB: In the beginning, we looked on Facebook. A lot of local people make things and sell them on Etsy or Facebook. We contacted people who were making baby items or products that would go well with our shop. Now that we have become more established, people will come to us and ask us if we can carry their items. Jessica from Stitch Creations by Jessica sells her beautiful crocheted items in the store and she also works in the shop and helps keep it running when my husband and I are unavailable. We also have Angela from Herbal Encounters helping out in the shop. It’s nice that it goes both ways now.

GC: What do you want Eco Baby to be known for?  What do you think makes your company unique?

EBB: I want Eco Baby to be known for our natural products. Anything I can do to help the environment or help the city I would like to do. When I started with the cloth diapers, I realized how many diapers people throw away. Especially with me having twins, I threw away thousand and thousands of diapers just with them. If we can just decrease that by a little bit, it would be great. 

GC: As a mom, you’re passionate about using natural products and cloth diapers. Could you tell us why you feel these products are so important?

EBB: I think it’s important for people to use natural products, especially on babies, because 1) they work and 2) I don’t see any reason why you should be putting chemicals on your baby. Especially with the Herbal Encounters line that we carry, made by a local crafter. She makes boo boo salves, diaper rash creams and bug sprays. I’ve used them all and the Boo Boo Salve truly works just as well as a Neosporin, but it’s all natural. I feel passionate that you should go all natural when you can. 

GC: What about your business makes you the most proud?

EBB: I'm most proud of my business when people come in and they didn’t know we were here and they look around and see everything that we offer and they get excited about it. It also makes me proud when they do buy something, whether it’s cloth diapers or natural products, and they come back and tell me how great it was. I just love that. I also feel like being a part of this city makes me proud. I like offering something good for the community. 

GC: What are your dreams for the future of Eco Baby?

EBB: I want to get the word out about the benefits of cloth diapers and natural products. I would love to be able to educate people and get their feedback. I hope to be open for a long time and have other like-minded businesses come into the town as well. 

GC: How can customers stay up to date on what’s happening with your store?

EBB: We do have a website, although we haven't brought it fully up-to-date since our move into the new shop in February. The website will link you back to our Facebook page which we are very active on. We have our updated hours posted there. You can always call or text us: (207) 251-9435 or contact us by email at