Start a Business

There are literally thousands of resources dedicated to starting your own business. Whether you find information on the internet, in the bookstore or just advice from friends, there area few things you absolutely must do. The small business administration “Small Business Planner”, is a good place to start. Just follow the process, take notes and begin to formulate your business plan.

The creation of a clear concise business plan has been identified as the single most important step in beginning your new business. It needn’t be long or even an impressive document but it must state clearly your objectives, expectations and how & why you expect to become successful. The Business Plan also serves as the primary communication vehicle to your potential financiers, partners and potential employees.

You can get great advice on how to write a business plan from several local resources including the Small Business Development Center, or SCORE,, an organization of volunteer business executives dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses become successful. SCORE of Portland is part of the national SCORE Association founded in 1964, and is a nonprofit organization with 389 chapters throughout the United States and its territories. Numbering over 11,000 volunteers nationwide, SCORE is a resource partner of the Small Business Administration.