Many business professionals who visit  Maine are struck by its  legendary beauty. Vast forestlands, hundreds of miles of beaches, stunning seaside villages, pristine lakes, streams and mountains  are all part of the Maine landscape that has enriched and renewed millions of visitors from all over the world.

And yet, as anyone who has lived here will tell you, Maine's truest character is revealed in its people and the work they perform.  From the  thousands of  shipyard workers at the Bath Iron Works where “the best ships in the world are made”, to the  hundreds of scientists at  world renowned Jackson Laboratories, to the extraordinary can-do bridge builders and engineers of the Cianbro Corporation, and in businesses and organizations throughout the state, you will find a  very special people who are among the most productive workers on earth, a people who truly define resourcefulness, dependability, and inventiveness.

This combination of work ethic and skill has engendered a tradition of excellence passed down from generations  that has long characterized Maine workers. To be sure, just as "Maine Made" products are recognized worldwide for quality and integrity, so too is the  Maine Workforce.

The Sanford Region is particularly enriched by the combination of its core Maine workforce from York  and Cumberland counties as well as a significant labor force from nearby Strafford & Rockingham Counties in New Hampshire,  (see combined bi-state region) who share the common New England work ethic and high productivity of its Maine neighbors. (Map)

Given the region’s location,  de facto labor markets for the Sanford Region are better represented by commuting time areas. Demographics  and Labor Force information for the Sanford Region, York County and 30, 45, and 60 min. drive time areas are summarized below. Follow the links above for more detailed information on York County with additional comparisons to the Sanford Region and the State of Maine.

Custom detailed demographic reports as functions by drive-times and radii from selected locations in the Sanford Region can be  generated  from the Sanford Prospector (Click the Sites & Buildings Tab). These reports will  reflect the areas defined by the drive time and radii boundaries respectively.

The following table summarizes commonly requested data.

  Division Commuting Time
  Sanford Region York County 30 min 45 min 60 min Maine
Population 2009 60,590 201,686 193,789 428,938 793,206 1,325,677
# Households 24,165 80,437 77,288 171,070 316,349 528,710
# Employed 34,280 114,109 109,641 242,683 448,777 750,036
# Unemployed 3,737 10,156 10,416 20,628 36,351 63,753
% Unemployed 11% 8.9% 9.5% 8.5% 8.1% 8.5%
% Bachelors Deg.+ 16% 23% 19% 26% 28.9% 23%
Household Income $ 43,505 $ 52,365 $ 48,645 $ 53,121 $ 54,895 $ 45,832
Per capita Income $ 32,892 $ 34,802 $ 34,024 $ 36,545 $ 37,021 $ 33,991
% Home Ownership 70% 72% 71% 71% 72% 73%

The Sanford Region

The Sanford Region comprises Sanford/Springvale Maine and the adjacent towns of Wells, Kennebunk, Alfred, Acton, North Berwick, Lebanon and Shapleigh. This defined area reflects the status of the City of Sanford as a regional service center to the many  towns that border Sanford proper. As such, the Sanford Region is a realistic geographic & economic entity. Just as  practical are “drive-time" areas and the demographic and labor force information defined within these areas.

Drive Time Area
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Drive Time Area
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Sanford Region
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Maine & NH Region
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